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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Feb 6, 2021

Robert Miller became a full-fledged rockstar later in life. He joins Jennifer on the show to talk about how he did it and how he is helping others realize their dreams at any age.


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Episode Highlights:


  • What to do when life seems to get in the way...

Feb 4, 2021

Jennifer talks with iLobby founder, John Thibault, about how we can understand the political process better and be empowered to get involved in our communities.


Episode Highlights:


  • Making the connection between voters and politician streamlined and simple
  • How to avoid blaming and complaining in order to actually...

Feb 3, 2021

Jennifer is joined by CPA David Bradley to talk about how to take the fear and anxiety out of taxes. What makes David special is his compassion, his problem solving, and his intelligence around tax processes. Listen to learn more about David and steps you can take to solve your tax problems and set yourself for...