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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Feb 6, 2021

Robert Miller became a full-fledged rockstar later in life. He joins Jennifer on the show to talk about how he did it and how he is helping others realize their dreams at any age.


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Episode Highlights:


  • What to do when life seems to get in the way of your dreams and how to overcome challenges
  • How our dreams take more hard work tenacity than we might think
  • D.R.E.A.M. acronym for how people can apply Robert’s lessons and experience to their own lives
  • The unique gifts of music in our lives and especially in times of struggle and trauma
  • Robert’s advice for someone who wants to pursue their dreams later in life but feels stuck as to where to start


Links and Resources:


Project Grand Slam website


East Side Sessions **free digital download for listeners with code dream  


About the Guest


Robert Miller was a part time musician for most of his life who dreamed of playing music full time and becoming a rock star. But life intruded – family, kids, work – and as he got older he found his dream was slipping away. Finally, however, when he was in his 60s and his life was more settled, he decided it was now or never. He quit everything and jumped into music full time, a field dominated by much younger artists, started a band (Project Grand Slam), began writing, recording and performing his music, worked his way up from opening act to headliner, and in the process achieved his dream. His success is totally against the grain of the industry but shows that anything is possible.