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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Mar 9, 2021

Have you every walked into a house and felt a “weird energy?” Psychic medium , spiritual healer, author and inspirational speaker, Melissa Gabriel joins Jennifer for an uplifting conversation about the unseen world around us and how it applies to buying and selling real estate. Her unique perspective can actually be a secret to selling!


Episode Highlights:


  • What is energy?
  • How to notice negative energy in a space
  • What you can do to help cleanse your house of negative energy
  • How energy can effect real estate sales
  • How you can apply the tools and information Melissa shares to buying and selling a house


Links and Resources:


Melissa’s website


About the Guest


Melissa Gabriel the owner of An-gel Connection and is a caring professional Psychic Medium , Spiritual Healer, Author and in-spirational speaker. She has been using her abilities of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling) to help guide others for over 18 years. Through private or group readings, she has assisted con-necting people with their spirit relatives, guides and angels. 


When she was rushed to the emergency room as her liver failed she didn't think she would see her friends or family again, and fate didn't plan for her to. But through a miracle from the other side, she recovered and began her second life on Earth, seeing it through new eyes.


By connecting with those who have passed into the spiritual plane, she has been able to uncover the untapped potential that enables her to connect with her psychic abilities and spread healing and hope to those still in our world.