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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Mar 10, 2021

Anti-racism educator, Natajia  Miller, joins Jennifer to share her perspective and experience with culture shock and systemic racism. Natajia’s story telling, strength, and positivity will leave you feeling empowered and inspired as she shared some of the problems and how we can overcome them.



Episode Highlights:


  • What is was like moving form the Bahamas to the US
  • Natajia’s “driving-while-black” experience
  • Advice for what to do if you are in a similar situation and experiencing racism and abuse of power
  • How sharing and hearing each other’s stories creates more empathy
  • What “redlining” is and how discrimination exists in real estate and housing
  • How redlining causes harm to generational wealth, the wealth gap, and even education



Links and Resources:


Natajia’s website


About the Guest


Natajia Miller grew up on an island in the Bahamas where her neighbors are pigs...swimming pigs. While Natajia lived in Georgia she not only got her MBA, but also a crash course in DWB..Driving while black. Her DWB led to two arrests, one with her mom and the other leading to jail time. Natajialived in Dubai & China and visited 30+ cities. While in China, Natajiawas “discovered” by China's International Media Outlet Xinhua News which led to her being called in as a regular correspondent. As a correspondent, Natajia'svideos garnered 100,000+ views and even earned her local outlet an award. Natajiais a self-proclaimed culture junkie and feels that it's impossible to truly love culture and not hate its arch-nemesis, racism. With this in mind, Natajialeft her career working with multinationals to pursue her mission of promoting humanity through cultural awareness. She is currently working on a book while offering corporate training and coaching.