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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Jul 21, 2022

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Sonja is a suicide survivor. She is a mental health advocate, keynote speaker, and author. Her memoir, An Impossible Life, is an Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Winner. Sonja has traveled the country speaking with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, government officials, advocacy groups, and media outlets about the importance of mental health. She has been an op-ed contributor in such publications as The Washington Post, The Hill, Ms. Magazine, Kevin M.D., NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness), Oprah Daily, and others. Sonja is a member of Newsweek Expert Forum.

Sonja’s mental health advocacy work includes drug addiction recovery programs, homeless shelters, firefighters, police officers, veterans, women’s prisons, and others. Oprah Winfrey joined one of Sonja’s mental health book clubs’ discussions at Central California Women’s Facility, the largest women’s prison in the world.

She has been interviewed more than fifty times on local and national news, including CBS This Morning, about the importance of raising mental health awareness. Sonja has had the privilege of sharing her story and message of hope with millions of people. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations create open and inclusive conversations around mental health.