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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Mar 20, 2021

Jennifer discusses with guest Jessica Weaver, wealth advisor, best selling author, and blogger of Not Your Father’s Advisor, how insights to help women earn more, work less, and become strategic and intentional with their careers, businesses, and money. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How real estate fits into your money empire
  • The wealthy woman mindset
  • How to work less and earn more
  • How to optimize every dollar that comes into your world!



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About the Guest


Jessica Weaver, CFP, CDFA, CFS is a Wealth Advisor, Best Selling Author, and author of the blog: Not Your Father’s Advisor. She is the founder of #pinkfix, a powerhouse community of women to grow their career, build wealth, and for lasting relationshipps. Her #1 best selling books included Strong Woman Stronger Assets and Time to Refine, a strong woman’s guide to retiring on her own terms.