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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Apr 15, 2023

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Having been in all roles of Ex-Pat relocation, Immigration and EB-5 Plan B and alternatives to the long, expensive and tedious process of attaining residency in the US, Canada and other countries, Commercial Real Estate and Investing since early 1990's, her work has taken her all over the world. As a educator and keynote speaker for CBI and RBI Programs, real estate investing, real estate educating, cryptocurrency conferences, and so many more, Evie have worked with the accredited investors to the beginning real estate aspiring student. She taught with the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization until 2014, mentored many wanting to get a second residency and/or citizenship and have personally invested in multiple states in the US and Central America.

Her focus since 2012 has been primarily in Panama Central America with opportunities becoming very aggressive.Anyone interested in investing in Real Estate Internationally and/or becoming a ex-pat to relocate from any country in the world to Panama are elated when finding the friendly and welcoming environment offered in Panama for multi-national companies to the individual home buyer as well as the RBI or CBI program . With the expansion of the Panama Canal in June 2016, the growth is exponential in all areas from banking, economy, housing, real estate and business opportunities.

 Her recent journey over the last six years has taken me into opportunities in PANAMA. She travel yearly to multiple countries from Scotland, London, Belize, Columbia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Vietnam, South Korea & the US assisting those wanting to diversify their real estate portfolio & relocate to a new country.