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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Dec 24, 2020

Jennifer Hammond meets with Phillip Vincent to discuss his Trusted As-Is Buyer Program to help families before, during, and after those we love transition into no longer being able to take care of their homes.

Moving parents into a family member's home or senior facility? Have you recently lost someone you love?

Let Phillip Vincent and his caring team help you make this transition easier when it comes to selling Mom's House.

Over the last 22 years, Phillip has bought hundreds of houses and has a passion for working with families; his sellers love him! There isn’t much he hasn’t seen, so creativity and care are his go-to when it comes to buying houses and helping families solve some of their biggest problems. It’s his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making the home selling process easier for seniors that led him to create this nationwide network of Mom’s House Certified Buyers.