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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Aug 16, 2021

For further information go to: Professional Track Athlete Ce’Aira Brown was ranked 8th in the world in 2019. She graduated from Hampton University with a psychology degree in hopes to help people around the world who are struggling mentally from post adolescence stress or stress in general. Ce’Aira has dedicated most of her life on and off the track mentoring young athletes and non-athletes. She helps these individuals build their self-esteem mentally as well as their confidence. By doing that, it promotes better performance in their everyday lives. Andre Henry, a Financial Life Coach with a dual Major in Business & Finance is a graduate of Wilmington University. Andre has experience with Fortune 500 companies. He worked with JP Morgan as a Trader and for Exelon as a Cost Accountant. Andre was a Brand Ambassador for Shark Tank’s Daymond John (Rise & Grind book) and became a member of the Shark Group. Andre currently helps over 500 individuals with financial literacy and taxes using his company DreamAgain’s products and services.