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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Dec 30, 2020

Jennifer J. Hammond meets with John Lee known also as The Deal’ionaire.

Who is John Lee?

John Lee has 25+ years of experience in unique, unconventional real estate investing. He’s an expert at turning $200 into $2,000 with about 2 hours worth of work. He has a way of making owner financing easy for you.


Dec 24, 2020

Jennifer Hammond meets with Phillip Vincent to discuss his Trusted As-Is Buyer Program to help families before, during, and after those we love transition into no longer being able to take care of their homes.

Moving parents into a family member's home or senior facility? Have you recently lost someone you love?


Dec 23, 2020

Jennifer Hammond meets with TV host, international speaker, and coach, Melissa Hull to discuss the importance of finding your greatness and gratitude through everything we are facing in our lives.

Melissa Hull runs two global media companies, Globex Media Group and E360tv, which invite seemingly ordinary people to share...