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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Mar 20, 2021

Jennifer discusses with guest Jessica Weaver, wealth advisor, best selling author, and blogger of Not Your Father’s Advisor, how insights to help women earn more, work less, and become strategic and intentional with their careers, businesses, and money. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How real estate fits into your money...

Mar 19, 2021

Jennifer talks real estate safety with former secret service agent, Melanie Lentz. Listen as Melanie shares her critical tips on self protection. If you are a real estate agent this is a must listen! Take steps now to protect yourself inside and out.


Episode Highlights:


Three Physical Protection Tips and Three...

Mar 10, 2021

Anti-racism educator, Natajia  Miller, joins Jennifer to share her perspective and experience with culture shock and systemic racism. Natajia’s story telling, strength, and positivity will leave you feeling empowered and inspired as she shared some of the problems and how we can overcome them.



Episode Highlights:

Mar 9, 2021

Have you every walked into a house and felt a “weird energy?” Psychic medium , spiritual healer, author and inspirational speaker, Melissa Gabriel joins Jennifer for an uplifting conversation about the unseen world around us and how it applies to buying and selling real estate. Her unique perspective can actually be...