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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Dec 11, 2021

For further information go to: With 25+ years in the mortgage business, Scott has been blessed to experience all facets of this industry. He know the challenges that come with being a good spouse, a good parent, a good loan officer as well as good manager, all while continuing to grow this business. He understand the importance of having the tools, resources, people and the culture necessary to be the best you can be. That is one of the reasons that he chose SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC – dba SN Mortgage Company). The company’s core values, resources and business model fit his vision for my teams while offering the support and tools I need to foster the Mid-Atlantic Region dream team. SNMC offers a dynamic suite of top quality, common sense mortgage solutions including - Conventional, Government, Non-Agency, Jumbo, Construction, Investment, Down Payment Assistance Grants and more.