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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Apr 11, 2023

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The Jennifer J. Hammond podcast features an interview with Aaron Bradley, a mortgage expert with Blue Gray, discussing Rent to Own Programs. Bradley defines Rent to Own as a bridge program for those who are not yet ready for homeownership. Companies such as Divvy, Landis, and Home Partners of America buy a home upfront for the buyer, sometimes with a 3% fee added on. However, the rent paid on the home may be higher than the market rent for a similar-priced home. The timeframe for the program may also vary, with some requiring the buyer to purchase the home no matter what. Bradley advises potential buyers to consider if they will earn more money or be able to save up while renting and if the housing market is stable or if the home may lose value. Overall, Bradley's goal is to help people solve problems and find a home that is the right fit for them.