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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Aug 19, 2023

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Tune in to the Jennifer J. Hammond podcast for an inspiring episode featuring retired US Army veteran Dagmar Torres. With over 24 years of leadership experience, Dagmar takes us through her remarkable journey, including her role in the 2001 NATO peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, where she earned a NATO medal.

Explore the challenges and lessons from Dagmar's military service, including her presence overseas during 9/11. Jennifer J. Hammond, the host, engages Dagmar in an empowering conversation, focusing on mentorship, dream realization, and overcoming challenges for success.

Discover Dagmar's insights as she transitions to real estate, passionately encouraging others to invest in the field. The episode also covers safety tips for real estate agents and the balance between financial growth and personal safety. Gain practical advice for excelling in real estate while staying prepared and vigilant.

Join us for an enriching conversation highlighting Dagmar's journey, her empowering messages, and her dedication to guiding others to success through mentorship and real estate opportunities.