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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Oct 24, 2023

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In this episode, Jennifer welcomes a special guest, Taliya Bashani, a real estate attorney and negotiation expert based in New York City.

Taliya has over 14 years of experience and has closed over 10,000 properties, translating to over $1 billion in real estate sales.

Join Jennifer and Taliya as they dive into the unique world of real estate in New York City and explore various aspects of the real estate market. They discuss the differences between co-ops and condos, challenges in the current real estate landscape, and secrets to closing more deals in the competitive New York market.

Talia also shares her passion for education and how she's developed over 20 continuing education classes to help real estate agents become better negotiators and increase their knowledge.

Whether you're a real estate professional or just curious about the New York real estate scene, this episode offers valuable insights and tips for navigating the city's dynamic market.