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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Oct 29, 2023

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In this motivational episode, Robert and Nancy Rugart Plummer, a remarkable mother and son team, join Jennifer J. Hammond. Robert recalls his role as a caregiver for both his mother and grandfather during their battles with cancer, while Nancy describes her incredible journey as a single survivor of stage 4 ovarian cancer and metastatic brain cancer.

They jointly wrote the book "Becoming the Best You: Lessons Cancer Taught Me While Watching Your Life Go Down the Drain."

Nancy and Robert talk about the significance of fostering a healing and encouraging environment during trying times, particularly during hospital stays.

They emphasize the value of altering one's perspective, locating comfort, spending time in nature, and making a safe haven for oneself.

The episode touches on a variety of life transitional issues, including dealing with health issues, losing loved ones, and significant life changes like divorce.

The main takeaway is to embrace the notion of a new beginning and stress the significance of selecting a residence that fits your evolving priorities and needs.

Join bestselling author and licensed realtor Jennifer J. Hammond as she engages two outstanding guests in this transformative discussion.

Don't miss this inspiring episode chock full of enlightening nuggets and positive vibes!