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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Oct 30, 2023

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Adriana De Dios, a special guest on this episode of the Jennifer J. Hammond podcast, shares her incredible tale of surviving a house fire and how it inspired her to join the PuroClean team as we delve into the world of property damage and restoration.

This episode is essential listening if you've ever encountered a similar circumstance or want to be ready for the unexpected.

Adriana and Jennifer talk about a variety of aspects of property damage, such as biohazard cleanup, water damage, mold, and fire.

They dispel common myths, emphasize the significance of expert restoration, and provide insightful guidance for home owners and real estate agents.

This episode will give you critical information to help you navigate the real estate market, whether you're a real estate professional or a homeowner these difficult circumstances.

Watch to learn useful information that will help you make wise choices when it comes to protecting your property or assisting your clients in trying circumstances.

Join Jennifer and Adriana as they investigate the realm of property restoration and search for the positive aspects of unforeseen circumstances.