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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Nov 1, 2023

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Tim and Steve, the owners of the Phantom History House, a distinctive and quaint bed and breakfast where history and the paranormal collide, join Jennifer in this special episode. They tell tales of their personal experiences with ghosts and talk about what inspired them to create this eerie yet cozy space.

Discover more about the house's various themed rooms, such as the eerie potion room, the Harry Potter-inspired living room, the Ouija room, and the castle room containing the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. See how they've added technology—like hidden TVs—to improve the immersive experience without sacrificing the homey feel.

Additionally, Tim and Steve stress the value of offering a secure environment where visitors can talk about their paranormal encounters and how they've developed into a center for the paranormal society. You'll learn about Phantom History House's lovely backyard and tranquil pond, which contribute to the tranquil atmosphere.

Visit their website at for booking details and take a look at their social media presence at @PhantomHistory if you're interested in learning more about this unique bed and breakfast and their podcast.

Don't miss this enlightening discussion about monetizing your passion, providing a safe haven for paranormal enthusiasts, and having a unique and cozy experience with history and hauntings.