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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Jun 28, 2021

Jennifer J Hammond speaks with Mike Armstrong about the power of a positive mindset in Real Estate Sales and in life to overcome the rollercoaster created by the Pandemic 2020. Mike Armstrong is an award winning, UK based, Sales & Marketing professional who is currently looking to 10x his life and his business by helping other 10 percenters to improve their lives and their businesses! Mike would like to use the knowledge, skills and experience that he has gained in over 30 years of Sales, Marketing & Leadership and from previously 20x'ing a Corporate Sales Team to assist you with your ambitious business growth. Mike is an ambitious UK Entrepreneur that thinks in big pictures and with a lot of vision. He uses tried and tested strategies to help you to implement the goals and visions that you have and he's not adverse to rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in, in any area of business too. He's a life long learner and coach who is willing to share all of the knowledge that he has gained throughout an extraordinary life. For more information, please contact Jennifer J Hammond at or you can learn about grants for down payments and the home buying process from Jennifer J Hammond or if you are interested in real estate investing go to WOW! so much to learn! so fun! YAY!