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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Jul 21, 2021

In this episode Beth shares 3 amazing energy saving tips for your home to save a significant amount of money. Beth developed the concept of This project began as a family Christmas Activity approximately 17 years ago. They were encouraged each year to share the idea with others and this app is the result! Select a tree name, number of ornaments and background theme. All lovely ornaments are earned by completing acts of kindness. Choose from suggested kind acts or input your own. To celebrate once a tree is beautifully decorated with ornaments all will receive a star for the top of the tree and Christmas music! Share your trees via Facebook, Twitter, email and text. Print trees and use as decorations. Teachers are especially enjoying using in the classroom on iPads and smart boards to create classroom trees. Download Christmas Tree of Kindness App for $0.99 USD and decorate your tree by completing acts of kindness. Download Pro version for $1.99 USD and decorate a tree with family and friends across multiple devices. A portion of all profits to World Vision