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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Jul 23, 2021

About K2 SECURITY SCREENING GROUP: Kathy Yurkunas the President of K2 Security Screening Group, a division of K2 Construction Consultants which offers complete solutions for Security Equipment Installation. They have serviced thousands of pieces of equipment and provided Schedule and Site Lead support at Airport Checkpoints for TSA Programs such as SASR, SESI & TEDS. Thier customers include United, Southwest and American Airlines. We have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) which solve even the most difficult of TSA Security Equipment dilemmas. K2 security have serviced stadiums, federal and commercial facilities around the country. Our technicians have aided in events such as the Special Olympics, Philadelphia Pope Visit in 2015, & the Rosebowl in 2017. In order to manage technicians and work orders, Kathy developed TRAC. This software provides all logistics, asset tracking & reporting functions to enable efficient management of sequential or concurrent controls of multiple resources across multiple deployments. It offers the client real time Test Reports and On Site reporting of issues. This offers additional peace of mind that challenges can be addressed as they happen instead of after it is too late.