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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Dec 23, 2020

Jennifer Hammond meets with TV host, international speaker, and coach, Melissa Hull to discuss the importance of finding your greatness and gratitude through everything we are facing in our lives.

Melissa Hull runs two global media companies, Globex Media Group and E360tv, which invite seemingly ordinary people to share their extraordinary experiences on a worldwide stage. From leading her content creation team to hosting The Melissa Hull Show, Melissa has a natural ability to turn stories into impact, and ideas into strategies. She rarely takes the path most traveled and uses out-of-the-box thinking to quickly achieve massive and meaningful results — for her companies, clients, and community. Through one-on-one coaching and her Global Media Membership, Melissa teaches the exact steps, strategies, and tools she used to put her message in front of the world stage and reach millions, so others.

"Everyone has a story. I help you find the audience who’s dying to hear it and create the content they’re craving." - Melissa Hull