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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Jan 30, 2021

Listen in on an uplifting conversation with musician and inspirational leader, Loren Michaels Harris, about authenticity, self acceptance, and healing.


Episode Highlights:


  • Living in authenticity with our truth 
  • Embracing our scars and what they teach us
  • Being willing to confront pain and heal
  • Detriments of...

Jan 21, 2021

Did you know that numbers denote one's personality, occupational clues and leanings, health tendencies, and preferences of colors? Listen to a fascinating conversation with astro-numerologist, Lloyd Strayhorn, as he shares insightful tips and reflections about the significance of numbers in our lives … even the number...

Jan 20, 2021

Listen to Jennifer’s inspiring conversation with brothers John Gregg and Tom Gregg about the impact of a global pandemic on businesses and how to be successful despite the unique and unprecedented challenges it brings.


Episode Highlights:


  • Expanding a business during a pandemic
  • Tom's secrets to creating a...

Jan 19, 2021

Rich Redmond is a drummer, speaker, actor, author, and producer with a passion for helping people succeed in life and, achieve results and happiness. Listen as Jennifer and Rich discuss topics such as facing adversity, the important role family and community plays in success, and the healing power of music. 



Jan 18, 2021

Jason Palliser’s 2 Day Investment Blueprint delivers effective and easy-to-do strategies for off-market real estate investment leads. Listen to Jennifer’s conversation with Jason in which he shares his knowledge and experience about many different real estate investing techniques. If you are passionate about...