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The Jennifer J Hammond Show

Feb 4, 2021

Jennifer talks with iLobby founder, John Thibault, about how we can understand the political process better and be empowered to get involved in our communities.


Episode Highlights:


  • Making the connection between voters and politician streamlined and simple
  • How to avoid blaming and complaining in order to actually get stuff done
  • Who specifically you should be talking to about government/political issues
  • How politicians think vs how the public thinks
  • Reasons that a representative might not listen to you
  • The importance of having actions steps laid out
  • Can robots write laws and should they?    


Links and Resources:


Get John’s “How to Change a Law” book

I'm Just a Bill video


About the Guest


John Thibault is an author and the Founder & CEO  iLobby. He is also the author of #1 International bestseller "How to Change a Law” and former Government Affairs at MCA/Universal & VP, eBay